New touch operating concept for the bestseller among the battery operated hand-held marking systems

The result of our latest development is the mobile dot peen marker FlyMarker mini 65/30 4.3" touch! With its new touch operating concept, our customers are offered a modern upgrade and operation is simplified even further. The FlyMarker mini 65/30 4.3" touch has a large 4.3" color display and a touch user interface, which, thanks to intuitive software and a newly designed main level, makes programming easier and faster. Not only has the visual appearance of the FlyMarker mini 65/30 4.3" touch changed, but a faster processor with 4 GB memory capacity has also been implemented. This new processor technology allows a smooth menu navigation and increases the boot time enormously.

At its core, the FlyMarker mini 65/30 4.3" touch has the same features that makes the FlyMarker mini 65/30 model a bestseller. These include 100% mobility, light weight and flexibility for permanent markings on almost any surface. All existing device versions and options are also available. These include marking logos and Data Matrix codes, as well as the integrated barcode scanner and much more.